Areli Moran Mayoral, Mexico 1985.

I have experience as interpreter, creative worker, director, cultural manager and business developer. I founded Expectante in 2015, company for art creation, production and cultural management of national and international artist. Currently I´m base in Mexico and constantly traveling to Berlin and Canadá in order to develop new works and participate in diverse works with artist from Europe and Canadá.

MY EDUCATION: I started my career in ballet with Royal Academy of Dancing in Mexico during 6 years; I´m graduated as a performer on contemporary dance from Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza de Monterrey in 2013-2018. I moved to Canada to attend Modus Operandy contemporary dance training program in Vancouver direct by Tiffany Teagarden and David Raymond.

Before graduated I started dancing for local companies in Monterrey. Guest to the company Foco al Aire from Mexico City.
When I lived in Vancouver, Canadá I danced for Kinesis Dance Somatheatre, Daina Petters and danced pieces from Serge Bennantan, Wen Wei and Martha Martha Productions. I started to create pieces in collaboration with musicians and visual artist in Vancouver and latter in Mexico getting involve also with painters, photographers, video artist; as well getting involve in to the dance films productions as a director.
Currently I dance for canadian company Daina Ashbee since 2014 and touring to Mexico, Canada and Europe with the pieces “Unrelated” performed at festival such as La Biennale Venice, 2017; and is “Serpentine” a solo performance premiered in 2017 in Montreal, Ca.

My own work have being presented around Mexico, Canada and Germany.
My artistic work points out and question gender roles and social standars of dress code and behavior. Moving forward by questioning, changing and re-empowering subjects such as masculinity, femininity and androgyny in different ways.
In addition, I have been interested in proximity and bonds with the audience, exploring a deeper communication with them on the attempt to awake and stimulate their sense through different open space performances, and workshops, sometimes I share fruits with public while I performs the piece incurring in a “happening performance” to created this bond. I dance in collaboration with Rodrigo Zarate who has being working with me since a 4 years ago, and creates live and recorded music for my works.

CULTURAL MANAGEMENT; beside create and dance I´m interest on organization and management of events and companies since time ago. So far I organized tour in México for Tentacle Tribe (Canada), toula limnaios (Berlin), Daina Ashbee (Canada); brough teachers as Amy Diane Morrow (USA), Colectivo Carretel (Colombia), Kazuma Glen (Berlin); organized international creative encounters with young artist from Vancouver, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. Actual director of XXXII Encuentro Metropolitano de Danza Contemporánea de Monterrey (Local contemporary dance in Monterrey) and past editions 30th and 31st.