Areli Moran Mayoral, Mexican choreographer, dancer and cultural manager born in 1985. Her professional development as a dancer started in 2005 performing in Mexico and USA with Mexican companies. In 2011 she moved to Canada, in Vancouver she trained with “Modus Operandi” and performed with for “Kinesis dance Somatheatre”, Deanna Petters and for Daina Ashbee, as well she created and perform divers projects in collaboration with dancers, musicians and visual artist, which changed her way of conceptualize her dance interests and the forms to express it, enriching her artistic identity. Her own work have been presented in Mexico Canada and Berlin, where she also developed new collaborations.

Her artistic work address and question gender roles and the social standards of dress code and behavior. She goes from questioning, transforming and empower the subjects: man, female and androgyny exploring many different ways to talk about it. In the other hand she as being interested in the proximity and connection with the audience and explore the communication with them awaking and stimulate the sense troughs different workshops and performance.

In 2015 she founded her company Expectante in Monterrey, Mexico, focuses in her creations as well production and management of workshops and performances tours of other national and international artist. She directed local festival Encuentro Metropolitano de Danza Contemporánea de Monterrey 30th, 31st and 32nd editions. Areli created and direct creation program Concesion de Procesos in Monterrey with all ready 3 editions. In 2017 she founded her studio Espacio Expectante, a multifunctional platform focuses in the research, encounter, dialog and creation for the contemporary art scene.

Areli is current performer of Canadian choreographer Daina Ashbee in her pieces Unrelated and Serpentine, touring in Europe, Canada and Mexico in venues such as La Biennale di Venezia, DANCE Munich, Tanztage Potsdam, National Arts Center Ottawa among others.

In the curse of year 2018, Areli have been sharing her stay between Monterrey and Berlin, in the transition of establish her new base in Germany. Continue her commitments with Daina and Espacio expectante but also focusing in the analysis of her basic structural principles trough an introvert time, working in her solo piece, and conceptualizing her new group piece witch will be creating in December 2018 and January 2019 in Monterrey with Mexican dancers, visual artist and musician.