Artistic statement

My main tool of work is the body, its physical and visual strength. My interests navigate on socio-political subjects such as gender roles, social norms, body standards, migration and identity, with a specific focus on the female body and the interactions with those subjects. Most recently I am interested on the involuntary actions on the female body specifically on the reproductive organs and its consequences to the physique and emotions, and the position of this subjects in the society. All these has been interconnected in different phases of my personal life with such an impact that they serve as inspiration for my creations and are relevant subjects now days in the society we live. As a result shown up on my artistic work.

Inspired by these subjects, my goal is to generate concepts with emphasis on the aesthetics where color, costume, stage, sound and materials involve have the same relevance in the work as the body. With my artistic work I want to bring to the audience possibility of imagination, hypnotic moments, inspiration and open the door to have their own stories from what they see or resonante with.