La postal de nuestra existencia

Solo piece created and interpreted by Areli Moran. Is a poetic construction to honor a part of your body that reflects the history of your days. Of your culture. Of your desires. Of your identity.
An intimate and provocative dance performance that will play with the beauty and the ugly of a complex and ambiguous part of the body: HAIR.
How do we relate to it and in how many ways does it influence our everyday life?
Through the performance the audience will be taken on a journey of discovering sometimes the controversial perception of human body hair. Amplified by music, color and lights it will encourage you to look again at your skin, body and hair.

Premiere: Tanztage Berlin 2020, Sophiensaele.
Creation residencies: Lake studio Berlin 2016, 2019.
Work in progress showings: Lake studios 2016, 2019
Espacio Expectante 2017, 2018.
DURATION 45 minutes CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE Areli Moran SOUNDDESIGN Rodrigo Zárate POEM Julia Piastro TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH María Cristina Hall TRANSLATION TO GERMAN Hendrikje Lučić LIGHT, SCENOGRAPHY SUPPORT Hiram Kat, Susana Alonso PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Nika Nardelli COSTUMES AND PROPS Daniel Luis, Areli Moran, Nika Nardelli, Lourdes Mayoral DRAMATURGICAL SUPPORT Alexandra Hennig
A production by Areli Moran / Expectante in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE.



Photos: Gerhard F. Ludwig