The propose of this page is to share my journey of research and creative process.

”Seguir el curso de una action en particular” Stages a body that demanded patience and appreciation trough the recovery of surgeries to remove endometriosis and tumours. It is about the female self, identity and resilience in a body that is transforming while ageing, while living, while dancing.

On this work I take space and time for a ritualistic momento to honor my body and women’s body, while dancing on stage with a shimmery yet dangerous company. 

Password: areli

”Seguir el curso de una action en particular” is a project born from my need to talk about the female body, identity and resilience. Subjects that are not new nowadays but have been part of my journey as immigrant and by my most recent life events where I underwent two surgeries related with my female organs to remove tumours and endometriosis bringing questions and reflexions about the female reproduction system and its ageing. This journey took a big part of the research, as I’m fascinated by the adaptation and intelligence of the body and the patience that my body has asked of me because of it. I believe that exposing this subjects increases awareness and opens up the conversations. 

By clicking not he follow image you will be redirected to my brain, you will find text, references and experiences related with this work.

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Proyecto beneficiado por el Sistema de apoyos a la creación y a proyectos culturales (Fonca)”

On this video.
First try out of a structure using some of the body explorations that includes: repetition as a ritual, the flesh qualities, freedom of movement, use of the metal skirt.

Captured June 2021