La postal de nuestra existencia – dossier

In an intimate exploration, Areli Moran examines the significance of hair as a repository of social norms, identity and desire. Why is head hair associated with beauty and seduction in most societies, while other body hair is perceived as repulsive? While Moran used to find her own hair disgusting, today a playful curiosity prevails. Between gentleness and electrifying tension, she exposes herself to a relentless confrontation with her own body.

En una exploración intima, Areli Moran examina la importancia del cabello como repositorio de las normas sociales, identidad y deseo. Porque el cabello de la cabeza es asociado con la belleza y seducción en la mayoría de las sociedades, mientras que el bello del cuerpo es percibido con repulsión? Mientras Moran encontraba su bello y cabello desagradable, hoy en día prevalece una curiosidad lúdica. Entre mansedumbre y tensión electrizante, ella se expone a una confrontación implacable con su propio cuerpo.

Premiere: Tanztage Berlin 2020, Sophiensaele.
Creation residencies: Lake studio Berlin 2016, 2019.
Work in progress showings: Lake studios 2016, 2019
Espacio Expectante 2017, 2018.
DURATION 45 minutes CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE Areli Moran SOUNDDESIGN Rodrigo Zárate POEM Julia Piastro TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH María Cristina Hall TRANSLATION TO GERMAN Hendrikje Lučić LIGHT, SCENOGRAPHY SUPPORT Hiram Kat, Susana Alonso PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Nika Nardelli COSTUMES AND PROPS Daniel Luis, Areli Moran, Nika Nardelli, Lourdes Mayoral DRAMATURGICAL SUPPORT Alexandra Hennig
Photos: Gerhard F. Ludwig
A production by Areli Moran / Expectante in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE.

For non spanish speakers, please read the note under the video before watch it.

Note: at the entrance audience of the performance recibe a book marker pink paper laminated, (the audience can keep it after the show), with he poem that the artist will say during the performance.
The poem is originally write on Spanish, and will be translated to any language needed. Translations in english and german available here:

Poem la postal, web-02Poem la postal, web-01