Untitled (work in progress)


This work started questioning my self what means femininity to me?
Is a work that focus on hair, state it as a body part that empower femininity on my own body. Is an exploration influenced by sexuality, masculinity and transformation. The develop is supported with objects that helps to intensify and modify image on stage.
(Text as first part of creation . Dec 2016)

I was the starting research that became the piece  (ain)farbig  , where the focused was strictly the hair and it slope, including 12 performers on stage representing characters that wear and use and talk about hair.
Recently Areli back is back to the roots of this research and continue with her  first goal what was create a solo work and still a work in progress.

Created and performer by  Areli Moran
Music by Rodrigo Zarate
Costume concept and process mentorship by Arturo Lugo “el chino”