by Daina Ashbee | with Areli Moran

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Serpentine is a short installation performance  created by Daina Ashbee. The work vibrates the essence of Ashbee’s dark and feminine pieces and is intended as a short and intense summary of her previous three works, Unrelated (2014), When the ice melts, will we drink the water? (2016) and Pour (2016).

Ashbee uses simple imagery in order to allow the work to resonate with many viewers, despite it being extremely abstract. The piece includes original electric organ composition by Jean-Francois Blouin which is both disturbing and powerful. For Ashbee, it is reminiscent of religion, the past and the present. The juxtaposition of the haunting electric organ and the slow, sensual movement that escalates in it’s violence, is confidently and beautifully performed by Areli Moran (Mexico) and speaks volumes about the colonization of Indigenous people.

Artistic Direction and Choreography : Daina Ashbee
Interpreted by: Areli Moran
Lighting Design: Daina Ashbee and Areli Moran
Original Sound Scape Design : Jean-Francois Blouin
Production: Daina Ashbee
Administrative Agent: Stephanie Murphy

Past performace: 
Work-in-Progress presentation
(20 min lenght)
January 20th and 21st, 2017
Welcome to Indian Country
MAI, Montréal Arts Interculturels
Montréal, QC
Photo: Adrian Morillo

Canadian premiere
September 2017
Usince C
Montreal QC.

International premiere
September 2017
La Briqueterie–Centre de développement chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne